July 9, 2012

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May 1, 2012

Cutest way to fly - Eva Air Hello Kitty

Is this a dream?
No, It's a Hello Kitty airplain from Taiwan!

Taiwan EVA Air and Japanese Sanrio have made together three new Hello Kitty themed airplanes filled with cuteness. All three jets have a theme, theres Apple Jet, Global Jet and Magic Jet.  I'm so jealous of people who can fly in these!

Global Jet

Apple Jet

Magic Jet


 The journey starts from Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport, where you can do your check-in with these super cute self-service machines.

Boarding pass is ofcourse Hello Kitty themed and the super cute baggage stickers too.

You can't miss the boarding gate, since it's all pink and has a Hello Kitty playground. :)

On board, there's more than 100 in-flight items that are specially designed with the Hello Kitty theme - including headrest covers, tissues, paper cups, utensils, milk bottles, snacks, soap dispensers, hand lotion, meals and ice cream.


..so loads of cute stuff on the plain.

Ofcourse Hello Kitty appeares in the menus and in the food itself.

I would definetly get the kids menu since it's the most cute! =^___^=

 The cute flight attendants wear super cute Hello Kitty aprons.

I would literally be in heaven if I could get to be on these airplanes!
I think I could even take home my headrest cover. x)

Ooooh! I can just dream about these plains, wish every airplain would be this cute or even cuter!

You can check out more cute stuff in the official website:
Hello Kitty - Eva Air

April 28, 2012

J-List / Jbox review

You've got a friend in Japan! ^_^

I thought I could share with you my good experience with J-List.
The webshop is actually has to sites JList and JBox, the only difference is that J-List has an adult corner and you have to be at least 18 years old if u want to order. If you're under 18 you can still order from JBox, which has basically all the same items, but not the adult content.

This is my 3rd order and 4th is already on the way, since I forgot some items from this order. There's always some great new items and my wishlist gets more and more things I wanna get. :P

"You've got a friend in Japan" is J-List slogan and it gives the idea What J-List is all about, you have someone to send you all those wonderful Japanese things you've always wanted! J-list has a huge variety of items for sale...manga, artbooks, magazines, games, figures, anime toys, bento boxes, Japanese snacks, traditional items, cosplay...etc.. and the prices are not bad either!

It's really easy to order and you can also register your own account which means you can save your wishlist and see all your past orders. You also get points of the items you buy and you can use these points with your next order and they are as good as money! :D

I have always selected the cheapest shipping method, SAL economy shipping, and all of my orders have arrived in precisely 2 weeks since I got the notice that my order has been shipped out. Have been very pleased with this. :) There's also faster shipping methods available and one with insurance and tracking.

Customer service has been very good too. :)

Now to showing what I ordered..

Here's the package and the bento-themed order. :)

Starting from next week I'm gonna be working with growing herbs outside on fields and thought I need to make my lunches a bit cuter, so I ordered few bento(packed lunch) boxes from J-list and some accessories. I have more coming in my next order, like sauce bottles, stupid me forgot those. :P

First is Totoro-bento . Isn't it cute?

It has 3 layers..
..first under the cover you'll find the chopsticks..
..second is the bit larger food container with a separator..
..when I took away the lunch box-sticker I seem to have forgot to take a picture of the 3rd layer, but here you can see all of them. The brown covers are rubbery material so they seal the containers quite good. :)

Then there's my super cute Kiki's Delivery Service-bento . I love these ♥ 

This Kiki's cat - Jiji -bento set has 3 different size of containers and they fit in each other, so they are easily storaged.

This is the smallest box. :)

Just had to order this more traditional looking Rabbit bento box. This is a jubako, which means a large bento box that is used to serve special Japanese delicacies during the New Year's season.

The cover is not as tight as with the previous bentos.

The surface somehow absorbs all dust, but maybe this changes when I wash it. Otherwise it's bit hard keeping it dust and hair-free since I have two long-haired cats. :P

Next are these cute bento silicone cups. They are used to separate foods from each other inside the lunch box.

There's a huge variety of different shapes and sizes silicone bento cups in J-List.

Here's animal face picks that I'm using for some little snacks in my future bentos. :)

Here's a picture how to use these pics. (pic borrowed from J-List)

I also got these Princess style cutie picks..kawaiii ♥

There's more than one size, this is a good feature. :)

These are not for bento, but I just had to get these since they are so cute!

This is a Mini Omamori - Love, which is a Japanese lucky charm. I could not this specific one in the website anymore, think it has sold out, but there's lots of similar ones. :)

This is the other side of the charm, haven't had time to find out what it actually says. :P

These are not from J-List, but I just have to post this since I put some rings together today. I just love making these cute little things. ♥ 
I'm starting to sell my Frillycakes jewelry soon in Finland and perhaps in some time also worldwide. 

April 22, 2012

Kawaii desu ne

Hey sweeties ^__^
My new phone covers came in mail this friday and they are so super cute that I just have to show them off a little. :P

I recently decided to get myself more modern smartphone and ended up getting Samsung Galazy SII. Been quite satisfied with it this far, it's kind of like a toy for adults that you could spend hours playing with.

Ofcourse I had to get a screenprotector to prevent the touchscreen of getting scratches and some covers to protect the phone generally from possible hits etc.. eBay was a convenient place to buy these. It took two weeks to deliver the covers, which is quite good for Hong Kong mail and now they can look pretty on my phone. :)

I got two korean happymori covers...one baby pink ofcourse and another one in mint.

With 3D picture in the back, Rilakkuma silicone cover...character is japanese.

In this cute package is baby pink kiki silicone cover.

..and the one that first gets to cutify my phone is....

..the cutest kiki-cat cover! :D

The kitty cat is 3D shaped to the back of the cover..btw the material is very pleasant.

Om nom nom :P

Ofcourse my cute tofu-thingy got to be on the phone too. ^__^

My sweetie pie also got interest of the cute covers that mommy ordered. ♥

Theres some cuteness for the day for u ✿◕‿◕✿

Hope theres gonna be a nice sunday here. Weather is supposed to be much better and warmer, since it has been raining and snowin still recently (which is really late even for Finland) and it's been quite cold, only a bit over zero degrees. Weather forecast says it's supposed to be sunny and high as +13*C in the afternoon, hope they are right.