March 22, 2012

Gothic & Lolita Bible and Gosurori

こんにちは ✿ 

I recently saw this springs new Gothic and Lolita Bible in jbox and it made me browse my old lolita magazines. The ones I own are a bit old because I haven't bought one in years, but the basic content is the same; there's modeling pictures, new pieces from different clothing lines, articles, adds, accessories, make up and hair tips, street fashion pics, sewing patterns etc...
The newest issue is number 43 and my newest one is number 27. Makes me feel so old..would be nice to get the new one, even thou I don't really need it. :P
Another similar magazine is Gosurori, which means Gothic and Lolita. I have few of these ones that I bought second hand. The one thing that makes these two magazines different is that Gosurori has more sewing patterns, which is nice if you make your own outfits. Of course the patterns and instructions are in japanese, so a bit of experience with sewing patterns or reading japanese is recommended.

My Gothic & Lolita Bible volumes 10, 17, 25, 27 and a special book vol.6

My Gosurori volumes 8, 9 and special sewing issue, that has 59 outfits and patterns how to make them.

I got these magazines mostly for inspiration, also for the patterns, but I've only made one sailor style lolita-dress from these books. Usually I make my own patterns after deciding what kind of outfit I'm gonna make. It's really nervwrecking to make your own patterns without any education for it, but when the outfit is ready, it feels so rewarding to have made it youself
. But if you'r not confident enough yet to make your own patterns for dresses, I really recommend using these patterns or maybe just part of them, they are really helpful. :)

These are fashion-magazines and they have loads of pictures of different styles and outfit combinations. Theres usually some theme in different volumes and of course you can find the latest trends. Theres loads of advertisement and showing different brands and you can see the prices of the clohtes and accessories. You can also read introductions of cafes and bands or something special from time to time, theres also stories and comics. Theres also some lifestyle sections that are often related to lolita fashion, like teapartys, sweets, flowers, fairies etc..

These magazines are sold in local alternative fashion stores, bookstores and mostly online stores. If you purchase these on the internet, make sure what the shipping will cost. These are quite heave since theres about 100-150 pages in each volume and some might charge loads to send them.
They usually cost around 20 dollars/euros/pounds. If you buy them second hand, they might be a bit cheaper. I think it doesn't matter so much if you want to buy one and wont get the newest volume, theres lots of cute stuff in every one of them.

Gothic & Lolita Bible is released four times a year, one for every season + extra volumes.

As you can see, they are quite thick..more like books than magazines. :P
Loads of cute dresses from different brands.

Shoes ♥
Cute accessories.

I loooove lolita-styled shoes! They are so doll- and cartoon-like..also the shape is so pretty. Cant get enough of them. (>_<)

Styling tips.
Acessories - headpieces
Some modeling. I love lolita coats and jackets, have been meaning to make one for so long, maybe for next winter.
Flower theme from asummer volume.
Theme-cafe introductions.
Sewing patterns and instructions. There is actual big patterns also, where you draw them.
Sweet-lolita outfit.
This pic is from a special volumes corner telling what styles it has..I think these are just so cute! ♥

Hope this was helpful and gave some kinf of image about lolita magazines. ◕ ‿ ◕
Next time I'm planning on writing about different lolita styles..untill then またね.

March 17, 2012

Getting started..

Hih..I feel excited about starting this blog, have been thinking about it for some time now and I finally got myself to do it! Yayyy! :D
I wanna share with you my enthusiasm with lolita-style, I also love pin-up, rock, goth, 50's, psycedelic, hippie, medieval, rococo..but right now I'm focused on lolita. Recently I've been growing my dress- and accessory-collections, also bought few wigs. Will post some pics later. ;)

I assume everyone knows about Japanese fashions these days, but if you dont it's mostly about looking very doll-like and girly. Theres lost of lace, bows, frills, stuffed animals, pigtails and pastel colours involved. Ofcourse theres alot of different lolita styles..theres gothic-lolita, sweet-lolita and so on. If you want to learn more, you can check this page

Here's also a cute lolita-pic. ^_^

I've loved these kind of megagirly things since I was little, but I didnt know the style had a name. :P Since we're living this social network time, what better way to share my intrest and show off my style than start a blog and post it on the internet! ^_^
I'm alittle worried that theres sooo many blogs these days that no one doesnt find mine, but fingers crossed. :P

Heres something I've been working on for a while..I make most of my outfits myself and I wanted to try making some accessories also. I've put together this little cupcake-cookie themed minicollection of some phone charms and rings. Will do lots more different ones in the future
Here's some pics of what I have created. :)

On the top row are the rings and other are phone/keychain-charms. :)

Pink cookie-charms with cakes.
Brown cookie-charm with cupcake.


My other cat, Luna, got interested what I was doing and wanted to play with the strings. :P

Some of the jewelry, or whatever these are, I will keep myself, but the rest I will be selling. Probably in this finnish internet auction and later perhaps internationally too.
Btw the cute base in the pictures is Charmmy Kitty-napkin. My sister bought it for me from a finnish store. They are so cute! Everyone likes Hello Kitty, ofcourse me too, but I like Charmmy kitty more, much more cat like. :3

Now to sleep, got a birthday party to attend tomorrow....Sweet dreams.