March 17, 2012

Getting started..

Hih..I feel excited about starting this blog, have been thinking about it for some time now and I finally got myself to do it! Yayyy! :D
I wanna share with you my enthusiasm with lolita-style, I also love pin-up, rock, goth, 50's, psycedelic, hippie, medieval, rococo..but right now I'm focused on lolita. Recently I've been growing my dress- and accessory-collections, also bought few wigs. Will post some pics later. ;)

I assume everyone knows about Japanese fashions these days, but if you dont it's mostly about looking very doll-like and girly. Theres lost of lace, bows, frills, stuffed animals, pigtails and pastel colours involved. Ofcourse theres alot of different lolita styles..theres gothic-lolita, sweet-lolita and so on. If you want to learn more, you can check this page

Here's also a cute lolita-pic. ^_^

I've loved these kind of megagirly things since I was little, but I didnt know the style had a name. :P Since we're living this social network time, what better way to share my intrest and show off my style than start a blog and post it on the internet! ^_^
I'm alittle worried that theres sooo many blogs these days that no one doesnt find mine, but fingers crossed. :P

Heres something I've been working on for a while..I make most of my outfits myself and I wanted to try making some accessories also. I've put together this little cupcake-cookie themed minicollection of some phone charms and rings. Will do lots more different ones in the future
Here's some pics of what I have created. :)

On the top row are the rings and other are phone/keychain-charms. :)

Pink cookie-charms with cakes.
Brown cookie-charm with cupcake.


My other cat, Luna, got interested what I was doing and wanted to play with the strings. :P

Some of the jewelry, or whatever these are, I will keep myself, but the rest I will be selling. Probably in this finnish internet auction and later perhaps internationally too.
Btw the cute base in the pictures is Charmmy Kitty-napkin. My sister bought it for me from a finnish store. They are so cute! Everyone likes Hello Kitty, ofcourse me too, but I like Charmmy kitty more, much more cat like. :3

Now to sleep, got a birthday party to attend tomorrow....Sweet dreams.

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