April 22, 2012

Kawaii desu ne

Hey sweeties ^__^
My new phone covers came in mail this friday and they are so super cute that I just have to show them off a little. :P

I recently decided to get myself more modern smartphone and ended up getting Samsung Galazy SII. Been quite satisfied with it this far, it's kind of like a toy for adults that you could spend hours playing with.

Ofcourse I had to get a screenprotector to prevent the touchscreen of getting scratches and some covers to protect the phone generally from possible hits etc.. eBay was a convenient place to buy these. It took two weeks to deliver the covers, which is quite good for Hong Kong mail and now they can look pretty on my phone. :)

I got two korean happymori covers...one baby pink ofcourse and another one in mint.

With 3D picture in the back, Rilakkuma silicone cover...character is japanese.

In this cute package is baby pink kiki silicone cover.

..and the one that first gets to cutify my phone is....

..the cutest kiki-cat cover! :D

The kitty cat is 3D shaped to the back of the cover..btw the material is very pleasant.

Om nom nom :P

Ofcourse my cute tofu-thingy got to be on the phone too. ^__^

My sweetie pie also got interest of the cute covers that mommy ordered. ♥

Theres some cuteness for the day for u ✿◕‿◕✿

Hope theres gonna be a nice sunday here. Weather is supposed to be much better and warmer, since it has been raining and snowin still recently (which is really late even for Finland) and it's been quite cold, only a bit over zero degrees. Weather forecast says it's supposed to be sunny and high as +13*C in the afternoon, hope they are right.

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