May 1, 2012

Cutest way to fly - Eva Air Hello Kitty

Is this a dream?
No, It's a Hello Kitty airplain from Taiwan!

Taiwan EVA Air and Japanese Sanrio have made together three new Hello Kitty themed airplanes filled with cuteness. All three jets have a theme, theres Apple Jet, Global Jet and Magic Jet.  I'm so jealous of people who can fly in these!

Global Jet

Apple Jet

Magic Jet


 The journey starts from Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport, where you can do your check-in with these super cute self-service machines.

Boarding pass is ofcourse Hello Kitty themed and the super cute baggage stickers too.

You can't miss the boarding gate, since it's all pink and has a Hello Kitty playground. :)

On board, there's more than 100 in-flight items that are specially designed with the Hello Kitty theme - including headrest covers, tissues, paper cups, utensils, milk bottles, snacks, soap dispensers, hand lotion, meals and ice cream.
 loads of cute stuff on the plain.

Ofcourse Hello Kitty appeares in the menus and in the food itself.

I would definetly get the kids menu since it's the most cute! =^___^=

 The cute flight attendants wear super cute Hello Kitty aprons.

I would literally be in heaven if I could get to be on these airplanes!
I think I could even take home my headrest cover. x)

Ooooh! I can just dream about these plains, wish every airplain would be this cute or even cuter!

You can check out more cute stuff in the official website:
Hello Kitty - Eva Air


  1. I've read about that before and I so wish I could fly with it one day! The flights between Sweden and the States would get so much more fun if they were like that :D

  2. I wish I could fly in Hello Kitty airplane! <33

  3. Oh-ehm-gee I'D LOVE TO TRAVEL WITH THESE!! *__* I saw the planes but I didn't know that EVERYTHING is turned into kitty, that's awesome. I love the whole idea, airplanes are usually so uncomfy and just meh. :)

    1. Agree..airplanes are always so dull and grey..they should be themed to make flying more fun :D

  4. It's for that I'm remove Disqus ><" not practical to everybody!

    OMG hello kitty airplane *-* If i took it, I would steal all the objects ><"

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